Verifaya Mobile Management platform is a multi-tenant on-premise mobile device management platform, which enables global organizations to set-up multi site mobile labs and provide access to all these devices to any user in the organization or to a specific set of people in the organization.
Mobile Management Platform Advantages
  • Users in the organization can quickly deploy & test apps on these devices across geographical locations
  • These mobile devices can be accessed & controlled over the internet or intranet via a web browser or through a programmatic interface
  • Users will be able to use these devices for automated test execution
  • Users will be able to use these devices with Eclipse SDK (Android only)
  • Users will be able to reserve these devices
  • Users will be able to install native app from their desktop to the remote device, perform gesture actions, take screenshot, capture video, share device screen to other users, reboot device, download device app logs, remove installed apps and much more from a the browser interface or through a programmatic interface
Our products cababilities
Verifaya’s patent pending technology has helped companies like American Express, Office Depot, Mercedes Benz, Foot Locker, Intel, Harry Rosen and many others to shorten time to market, boost productivity and improve software quality. Our flexible models enable organizations to take advantage of Verifaya Studio in a manner that fits their business and development needs.