Verifaya Studio Mobile
Verifaya Studio Mobile supports automation of Mobile & PC Applications.
Verifaya is easy, fast, powerful, and users can quickly automate apps and run the same automations across wide range of mobile devices and desktops
Device & Platform Agnostic Automation
Automate once and run on various combinations of platforms & devices. Run the same tests in parallel across combination of browsers, devices and operating systems. The Test Execution module helps to scale and configure test suites, data sets, test machines/devices for automated execution in few minutes

Run on remote or on-premise devices
With Verifaya you will be able to run test automations on remote or on-premise devices. Instantly connect execution devices to the automation tool using QR code scanner or through USB.

Mobile App performance monitoring
Identify performance issues with battery, data & memory, app insights, correlate with your app logs, events and screenshots.

Responsive Design Support
Supports validation of responsive based apps

Run with continuous integration
With built-in plugins for CI tools you will be able to run automation from CI tool and get reports back to the CI tool.

Auto-generation of test data
Test data generator helps to rapidly create business specific test data for automated tests.

Integrate with ALM tools
Fit automations into your favourite ALM & test management tools like HP Quality Center, Atlassian Jira, BugZilla, etc.

One-click Test Recorder
The Test Design module accelerates the automated test case generation from test specs. The one-click Test Recorder generates automations in a keyword-driven view, with a visual workflow of the test scenarios & test documentation, all at once.

Multi-level reporting and analysis
Multi-level reporting and analysis with failed screenshots help to quickly locate the errors. Reports can be emailed automatically or saved to a local folder after every run. Reports are available in multiple file formats, like PDF, Excel, HTML, XML or CSV.

A centralized database & a low maintenance automation platform
A centralized database, built-in framework and accelerator wizards dramatically reduce the maintenance effort and enable the effective use of automations in an agile development world.

One automation platform for all apps
Automate across iOS, Android, Windows & Mac OSX environments, with one automation platform for all your apps.
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Verifaya Studio Mobile enables automation of native, hybrid, browser and non-UI based apps on Mobile & PC Platforms