5 Mobile App Testing Mistakes to Avoid

Mobile application testing is the innovation every business needs to adopt for ease of launching and doing business using software and applications. These applications can be on-premise or cloud, can be B2B or B2C, for internal use or external, web, native or hybrid. They all need to undergo sheer functional and non-functional mobile application testing.  

The mobile application testing services (MATS) market is expected to reach USD 8.23 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 15.37% over the forecast period (2020-2025). 

Mobile Application Testing: The Catalyst for achieving the results you want 

While it was done earlier only on laptops and PCs, application testing is now possible even on your smartphones. You can now test your applications and their functionalities anywhere, anytime. Established mobile app testing companies such as Verifaya make this easy for you.

The mobile-first approach is a game-changer in achieving the desired results from your applications and software. Whether you are in healthcare, information technology, financial services or any other industry, you need advanced applications to help you work swiftly and provide an enhanced experience to your users. Mobile application testing services help you use your software and applications to the best of their capabilities. 

Why we need mobile application testing 

  • There is stiff competition between applications in different app stores. Reviews on the app store have meant that your application should stand out from the rest by providing a superior user experience.
  • Enterprises need to increase the time-to-market of their applications, reduce their testing budgets, and the time taken to carry out quality assurance. 
  • Most developers can develop and produce new features for applications quickly and continuously. These software increments need testing services that are quick and effective. To create and leverage the significant opportunities that mobile devices and technologies have created, fast and accurate mobile application testing is a must.

Business and application testers are rushing to test their applications but are failing quite often. This is due to a few mistakes that they make while testing the software. This blog will discuss the five crucial mistakes that mobile application testing service providers commit which should be avoided at all costs.

5 mistakes of mobile application testing to be avoided

Mobile devices have complex infrastructure including hardware, software and network configuration. New and evolving operating systems and browsers pose challenges in terms of application testing and robust quality assurance. There is no dearth of mobile app testing companies that give you the right tools and expertise to help you attain a highly agile and user friendly application. But there are many mistakes that come along with the services they provide. These mistakes not only slow down your application and their productivity but can also result in slowed-down growth and losses in a digitally competitive world.

1. Focusing only on how the mobile application looks and the UI is a mistake that many mobile application testing service providers make. They must also keep an eye on the APIs of the application, how they perform, if they deliver data correctly and how responsive they are. Along with the UI, testing service providers must also check for backend functionalities and the network configurations.

2. Not testing on different operating systems and mobile software can add to the impediments in using the applications seamlessly across devices. The applications must be tested across iPhones and different Android devices, and from different locations including the cloud to enhance performance.

3. Not addressing performance issues time and again can lead to bad user experience and losses for the company. Test automation tools can be a saviour in such scenarios. These tools test the updated features and their performances automatically, every time there is a change or update to the application.

4. Not checking if the application syncs perfectly with devices is another mistake that mobile app testing companies often make while providing mobile app testing services. Amidst the increasing usage of cloud based technologies, systems and applications, testing any application for its smooth functioning on any device is a must. Mobile application testing services must include checking your application for its capability to sync across devices, how safely it performs and how agile it is.

5. Not addressing and fixing network testing issues is a major setback for mobile app testing services. Mobile applications can be used with many networks including WiFi, ethernet, mobile networks and others. It is imperative to check if the application works fine every time. 


Mobile app testing services are available in large numbers. The right mobile application testing company which is aware of these common mistakes and works towards making your applications work at their best is a must. You should also choose a mobile application testing company as your partner who will give you the latest testing tools and test automation services.

Verifaya offers functional, non-functional and automated testing of mobile applications which are Web, Native and Hybrid. It has experience in mobile testing services for various domains such as banking, retail, healthcare and more. Verifaya’s expertise in mobile testing cuts across industry standard tools and Verifaya platforms. 

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