Testing Services

Core Testing Services

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing Services
  • Compatibility & usability Testing
  • Staffing Services

Test Automation Services

  • Verifaya Studio Platform Services
  • Open Sources tool based Test Services
  • Commercial Tool Test Services

Specialized Testing Services

  • Mobile Testing Services
  • Agile and DevOps testing
  • DW & ETL testing
  • TCOE setup services
  • Salesforce Testing services
  • Managed Testing Services

On Demand Testing Services

  • Test Design
  • Test Execution
  • Regression Testing
  • QA Specialist
  • functional testing services

    Core Testing Services

    Functional Testing Services

    Verifaya Functional Testing Services ensure the verification and validation of applications for software development teams. The functional testing services focus on testing the applications against defined specifications and meeting the end user expectations for functionality, reliability and go to market. Verifaya engages with clients at various stages of SDLC, in order to meet business goals.

    Verifaya for its functional testing service in USA uses best industry practices to analyse test requirements, test design and test execution phases. Verifaya testing expertise helps clients with unit tests, integration tests, system tests, regression tests and user acceptance tests etc.

    Learn more about Functional Testing Services-http://verifaya.com/blogs/functional-testing-services

  • Performance Testing Services

    Performance Testing

    Verifaya’s Performance Engineering teams have extensive experience in providing Performance engineering solutions. Verifaya’s Performance Testing expertise spans across a range of applications including client-server, web, distributed, mobile, cloud databases, high volume transaction systems, and complex applications.  Verifaya’s end-to-end performance testing services help our clients to launch applications with high reliability, availability, and scalability.

    Verifaya’s performance engineering, including capacity planning, baseline test, load, stress, endurance and benchmarking against competition, production monitoring and consulting, Comprehensive analysis and recommendations for performance improvements.

    Verifaya’s performance engineering team has expertise in using open source tools, custom tools and high end industry leading tools like LoadRunner.

  • Security Testing Services

    Software Security Testing Services

    Verifaya has expertise in software Security Testing services of enterprise applications, cloud platforms that caters to diversified business needs. Verifaya believes that Security Testing has to be an activity that is fully integrated throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and delivery process which ensures detection of errors /faults in the early.

    • Verifaya’s security solutions are goal oriented with following objectives
    • Conduct web application security audit (aligned to OWASP standards) of clients business critical applications
    • Perform Vulnerability scanning – with help of testing tools for identifying inherent vulnerabilities in applications
    • Integrate security testing and risk analysis within the application life cycle
    • Extensively use open source and commercial testing tools with ready to use jump start kits

    Tools that are used extensively during security assessment activities at Verifaya as follows

    IBM Rational App scanner, HP Web inspect, HTTP Watch and other open source tools like Web Scarab, Net Craft, Tamper Data, N Map, Web code, Nessus etc..

  • Compatibility and usability testing services

    Compatibility and Usability Testing

    Verifaya provides comprehensive Compatibility and usability testing services that can be performed across range of Operating Systems, browsers, databases, servers, hardware, different versions, configurations, and display resolutions. Verifaya lab houses the latest operating systems, platforms, peripherals and hardware to test software over a wide range of technical specifications.

  • Manual Testing Services

    Consulting Services

    Verifaya has in-house Test Engineers, Test Leads and Managers, with expertise in manual testing, automated testing, performance engineering. Testing teams are well versed with open source tools, commercial tools and also custom tools. Verifaya’s strong network has access to special testing skills as required for our client success.

  • Mobile App Testing Services

    Specialized Testing Services

    Mobile Testing Services

    Verifaya offers mobile testing services functional and non-functional and automated testing of mobile applications both Web, Native and Hybrid. Verifaya has experience in mobile testing services for various domains such as banking, Retail, healthcare etc. Verifaya’s expertise in mobile testing cuts across industry standard tools and Verifaya platform.

  • Agile and DevOps Testing Services

    Agile and DevOps Testing

    DevOps has been adopted by fortune 1000 companies in order to build more fail-proof software with shorter go to market cycles by collaborating with all stakeholders. Even Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are gradually embracing DevOps standards to take advantage of cross-functional skills. Testing teams also are actively integrated into DevOps for accelerated test cycles.

    Verifaya has been a test automation company, with Verifaya platform as its flagship product for automated testing, is well geared up for DevOps testing. Verifaya’s expertise in automated testing helps software development teams to accelerate test cycles, in DevOps environment.

    Download Case Study Here

  • DW & ETL Testing Services

    DW & ETL Testing Services

    ETL testing is done to ensure that the data that has been loaded from a source to the destination after business transformation is accurate. It also involves the verification of data at various middle stages that are being used between source and destination. ETL stands for Extract-Transform-Load.

    Verifaya has the ability to provide testing services at various stages of ETL process. Typical testing ranges from Production validation testing, Source to target testing, Application upgrade tests, Date completeness, Data accuracy and data quality tests etc

  • Salesforce Testing Services

    Salesforce Testing

    Verifaya has extensive experience in testing Salesforce applications. Verifaya’s has the ability to provide Manual and automated test solutions for Salesforce applications. Our Salesforce Testing Services are backed by cutting-edge innovation.

  • Managed Testing Services and TCOE (Test Centre of Excellence)

    Many organizations struggle to establish and manage a testing function that can deliver high quality testing phase, while staying cost effective and agile. Verifaya’s Managed Testing Services provide a transformational approach with the appropriate test team, processes and environment specific for the business. Verifaya can help you overcome today’s major testing challenges and achieve the optimum results.

    Verifaya has a robust test process and methodology to manage independent test activities.

  • Test Automation Services

    Test Automation Services

    Test Automation has been an important component of the test life cycle over years. With impetus on agile development, DevOps, automated testing has become an inevitable component of testing programs and software development. Verifaya is an automation testing company providing test automation services with Verifaya platform, a comprehensive automated testing solution for Mobile, Web and desktop applications across business verticals.

    Verifaya’s automated testing solutions for test automation is using open source and commercial tools to provide optimized test solutions across business verticals and specific client needs. Verifaya has the ability to customize testing tools to solve complex testing challenges.

    Verifaya provides following services in automated testing:

    • Verifaya Studio Platform Services
    • Open Sources tools based Test Services
    • Commercial Tool Test Services

    Verifaya Tool Expertise

    Test Automation Tools: Verifaya Platform, HP Unified Functional Testing Software, Selenium HQ, Smarter-Test Complete, Telerik-Test Studio, Borland-Silk Test, Testing Anywhere

  • Verifaya Test Automation Process

    We offer an end-to-end fully customized service where the responsibility of application testing is taken at an enterprise or program level.

  • On Demand Testing Services

    On Demand Testing Services, Pay Per Use or Testing as A Service (TAAS)

    Many business situations like Test Experts at a very short notice, tight timelines for product or software release, test resources & QA budget constraints can call for on-demand testing services.

    Verifaya can become your on-demand testing/QA partner to deliver functional & non-functional testing services based on your business needs. Our on-demand testing services can help to achieve your project goals by using our network of talented Testing Experts across tools, technologies and business domains.

    Verifaya’s top-notch TAAS services undertake following types of tests on on-demand or pay per use or TAAS model:

    • Device and mobile testing which is infrastructure intensive
    • Usability and browser compatibility testing
    • Performance
    • Security
    • Acceptance & last-mile testing which requires special testing & domain skills.
    • Test automation on commercial & open source tools.