Functional Testing- A complete guide

Functional Testing Services

The demand for web services testing has skyrocketed in the recent past with an increased number of businesses leveraging online channels. The number of websites and applications have surged and businesses need to stand out by providing the best user experience to the customers. This is where functional testing service providers come into play. They check for the minute details in your website and application and make sure that the user enjoys the ease of using your applications.

Functional testing companies have the potential to deliver huge benefits during and after the development process. They also help in establishing a seamless communication between the analysts, testers and developers. They help in enhancing the visibility of the entire development process and glitches that appear from time to time, thereby solving the issues and reducing the time taken to develop the application.

There are many types of web services testing provided by the best functional testing companies. This article will talk about the several types of functional testing services they provide.

Unit Testing 

Unit testing is one of the major parts of the web services testing. It is done to ensure that every code that is developed in the component worlds perfectly to provide the desired results. The specification of the component and the interface is looked at carefully by the testers. 

Unit testing done by an experienced functional testing company aims at detecting and fixing every code that can be at a risk of breaking.

Component Testing 

Component testing involves testing a module or any competent of the websites or the application to verify if it produces the expected output.The interface, codes, databases, and the overall productivity of the same is checked by a web services testing company in this type of functional testing.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is one the most important types of functional testing that any web testing company crucially focuses on. This is also one of the first types of testing done on any application where the basic functionalities of the application are checked.

Integration Testing  

Functional testing of web services involves integration testing that focuses on checking the functionalities and performance of the individual components. However, checking the component individually is not the main focus, but how they all integrate together and function is checked.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is done in special cases where any module or code is changed. This type of functional testing carried out by web services testing companies keep unexpected behaviour of the application in check.

System Testing 

Integration testing is followed by system testing. Several individual testers who were not involved in the development of the application carried out system testing. This type of functional testing is carried out by web services testing companies to make sure that all the system, functionalities and requirements functions with ease.

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