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Verifaya Insurance Software Functionality Testing Services

For decades, insurers have focused on running an efficient product-centric operations that decrease transaction budgets. However, changing consumer behavior, fueled by technology developments and the entry of new and disruptive competitors, are forcing insurance companies to become more customer-centric.
Insurers are at a junction. To succeed in the new market landscape, businesses will need to take a new direction, where the customer is at the focus and change is embraced. Since digital channels are the ideal solution for almost every interaction with insurers, omni-channel strategies should become an integral part of the business.

Verifaya Insurance Software Automation benefits

Verifaya helps insurers to pivot to customer centricity, modernize faster and compete with differentiating propositions. The challenge most insurance companies face is that IT can’t manage with the speed of change necessary by the business. Legacy upgrading and maintenance efforts consume the critical resources needed to accommodate change. The skills required to implement a digital strategy are different from the skills needed to “keep the lights on.”
Finally, your great ideas turn into lost opportunities. Break away from the outdated development techniques that emphasis on slow pace delivery. Leverage our rapid app development platform to accomplish benefits from greater digital engagement. Bring Business and IT together to fast develop applications.

Continuous Integration

Mobile Enablement

Business Agility

Digital Transformation

How we help Customer Portals
Rapidly develop portals that drive customer engagement and digitize sales and service channels. Verifaya helps provide the right mobile testing platform, no matter what insurance business you’re in.

How we help Production Inovation
With Verifaya’s software testing platform, insurers can bring new propositions to market in a matter of weeks.
Fast-track improvement in parallel to your legacy modernization projects. Verifaya empowers the rapid delivery of self-contained insurance propositions that span the quote-to-buy and service methods including policy management, billing and other back-office functions. Upon market validation, you can simply connect the new product to your core back-end systems.

How we help Claims Management 
Turn claims management into a highly efficient, yet flexible process. Verifaya testing platform support straight-through processing (STP) alongside complex claims and exceptions. You can also build workflows to comprise 3rd party specialists, such as loss adjustment. Notify your customer any time about the status and progress through customer portals.

How we help Fraud management
Fraud management is all about making the right decisions for your industry and treating your customers in the right method. Verifaya helps maintain a single view of all risk calculations while also adapting to new industry needs and regulations.
The solution can be fully integrated within any insurer’s IT landscape and centralizes all information so that agents can reply quickly, limiting financial risk and customer impact.

Mobile First
A current study by Accenture cites that 67% of customers would be interested in receiving insurance services via their mobile devices. And that same study states that customers prefer to interact with insurers through digital channels in almost every situation, including receiving advice and updating personal data.
verifaya allows you to test mobile apps once and deploy them anywhere. Easily develop cross-platform apps that include native device functions and mobile back-end services, while eliminating the cost and complexity of supporting multiple platforms and devices.

One platform that does it all
Make digital engagement a reality. Insurance businesses use Verifaya’s testing platform to rapidly build multi-channel, multi-device apps that connect broker channels, enable employees, serve customer needs, and much more. Verifaya offers one testing platform for Business and IT teams to test apps once and deploy them anywhere. Our customers develop cross-platform applications that include native device functions and mobile back-end services, while eliminating the cost and complexity of supporting multiple platforms and devices.

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